28 January 2009

Raw Video: Amateur Marilyn Monroe footage

Footage of Marilyn Monroe from 1959 on the set of 'Some Like It Hot' surfaces in Australia. The rare eight millimeter film was shot by a U.S. Naval officer Monroe invited on the set. The film was auctioned on September 2008.

Marilyn Monroe sex tape sold

Monroe was rumored to have had an affair with U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and Morgan said then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, a Kennedy rival, went to great lengths to try to prove it was Kennedy in the film. However, the man in the sex tape has not been identified. Jon Decker reports.

06 January 2009

The Seven Year Itch (1955)

The Seven Year Itch (1955) - Directed by Billy Wilder
Story about a man who finds himself in a tempting situation with a young woman while his wife is away on vacation. Features the classic scene where Marilyn's skirt is blown upwards by a gust of wind from a grating.
Ewell's crack timing is matched by Monroe's zesty comic flair, and the scene in which her white dress is blown skyward by a passing subway train has entered the encyclopaedia of great movie images.
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