25 July 2010

Mickey Rooney Gaves Marilyn Name

Veteran American actor, Mickey Rooney has revealed that he had given all-time sex symbol Marilyn Monroe her star name by explaining to her that Norma Rae wasn’t a Hollywood type.
"I said, `something tells me you have a wonderful chance - but you gotta change your name: There was a wonderful star named Marilyn Miller, and nobody`s used it (name). You should be Marilyn, ‘ ContactMusic quoted him, as telling Premiere magazine.

During their discussion, he received a call from a scriptwriter by the name Tom Monroe and it was then he decided that Monroe would be a suitable last name.

"Then the phone rang and it was a guy I used to write scripts with whose name was Tom Monroe... She said, `Who were you talking to?` `I was talking to your last name... You`re Marilyn Monroe, “ he said.

24 July 2010

Beautiful Smile in Pink

Photo of the Day: Beautiful Smile in Pink

17 July 2010

Norma Jeane's First Magazine Cover

Norma Jeane's first magazine cover is the January 1946 issue of Douglas Airview. Source for this image: Marilyn Monroe unCovers.

16 July 2010

Marilyn at the Blue Book Modeling Agency

Norma Jeane Dougherty was a popular model at the Blue Book Modeling Agency from the mid- to late-1940s. These pictures show the young Norma Jeane right after photographer David Conover discovered her working in a wartime factory, the Radioplane Corporation, in June of 1945.

   marilyn canvas prints

14 July 2010

Memories of Eve Arnold

Photographer Eve Arnold, grande dame of Magnum agency, was one of Marilyn’s few confidantes, watching (over) her for long periods of time and from close distance. Arnold’s pictures present Marilyn at her most relaxed, natural and unstyled, her written memories provide a private look behind the scenes. Together they convey the special trust and friendship between both women. German text.

13 July 2010

Bert Stern/Marilyn Monroe The Complete Last Sitting

Bert Stern/Marilyn Monroe
The Complete Last Sitting
Bert Stern was the last photographer to be granted a sitting by Marilyn Monroe, six weeks before she died. In a three-day session yielding nearly 2600 pictures, they produced photographs that forever shaped our Marilyn image. Our lavish volume presenting the complete series is now available again in an unchanged reprint. English text. 

12 July 2010

Another photo by Frank Rizzo

Photo of the Day: Another photo by Frank Rizzo.
Photographer: Frank Rizzo for Paris Match, Spring 1962

11 July 2010

Marilyn Monroe and the Camera

Photo of the Day: Marilyn Monroe and the Camera
Photographer: Frank Rizzo for Paris Match, Spring 1962
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