25 July 2010

Mickey Rooney Gaves Marilyn Name

Veteran American actor, Mickey Rooney has revealed that he had given all-time sex symbol Marilyn Monroe her star name by explaining to her that Norma Rae wasn’t a Hollywood type.
"I said, `something tells me you have a wonderful chance - but you gotta change your name: There was a wonderful star named Marilyn Miller, and nobody`s used it (name). You should be Marilyn, ‘ ContactMusic quoted him, as telling Premiere magazine.

During their discussion, he received a call from a scriptwriter by the name Tom Monroe and it was then he decided that Monroe would be a suitable last name.

"Then the phone rang and it was a guy I used to write scripts with whose name was Tom Monroe... She said, `Who were you talking to?` `I was talking to your last name... You`re Marilyn Monroe, “ he said.

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