10 August 2013

The Best Of Marilyn in DVD



Marilyn Monroe - The Best Of Marilyn : Gentlemen Prefer Blondes / Seven Year Itch / How To Marry A Millionaire / The Final Days Documentary (This edition presents 4 Disc Box Set in DVD).
Box set containing three popular Marilyn Monroe movies and a biographical documentary. In 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' (1953), Lorelei Lee (Monroe) and her showgirl partner Dorothy (Jane Russell) are a pair of gold-diggers who go to Paris in search of rich husbands, and set their sights on the wealthy male passengers on their transatlantic liner crossing. In the meantime they must fend off unsuitable beaux - including the US Olympic team. Best known for its musical numbers, including 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend'. In 'How to Marry a Millionaire' (1953), three models (Lauren Bacall, Monroe and Betty Grable) rent an expensive New York apartment and set out to catch millionaire husbands. Suitable millionaires prove to be thin on the ground, however, and all three find that true love wins out after all - especially for Bacall, whose choice turns out to have been a millionaire all along. In 'The Seven Year Itch' (1955), happily-married Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) is left in New York City while his wife and child go on summer vacation. His lively imaginings of what a summer of freedom has in store seem to have some validity when a beautiful and sensuous young girl (Monroe) moves into the sublet upstairs. Finally, 'Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days' looks at Monroe's final project, 'Something's Got To Give', one of the most talked about unfinished films in history. Through interviews, never-before-seen footage and an edited reconstruction of the film, the documentary takes a fascinating look back at the life and times of the world's most famous and beloved stars.
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