30 July 2011

Marilyn Drawn by Anderson

A beautiful drawn of Marilyn Monroe made by Anderson. You can see his work at this site: http://andydesenhos.arteblog.com.br

22 July 2011

Porn Movie With Marilyn Monroe up for Auction

A short pornographic film starring Marilyn Monroe will be auctioned for 350,000 euros, during the International Collectors film, which takes place Aug. 7 in Argentina.
The short film, 1946, eight-millimeter black and white, lasts six minutes and it appears the actress, then still known as Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe's real name), to masturbate with a vibrator and have sex with a man.

The film was held by a Spanish collector, until his death, when the heirs decided to entrust the sale Mikel Barsa, which previously had sold another short film actress, but in 16 mm.

The base bid for the pornographic movie of Marilyn Monroe to be auctioned at the International Fair of collectors of cinema in Buenos Aires, will be EUR 350 000, Mikel Barsa but believes that fans of American actress (1926-1962) may offer up to 700 thousand euros to raise the tape.

Bikel Barsa said that there are already offers of Norway and Japan

Sexy Marilyn

The amazing Marilyn Monroe in a sexy black&white photo.
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