03 December 2012

When Marilyn Monroe Was Baby

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926 at the General Hospital in Los Angeles, California (see birth certificate), under the name of Norma Jeane MORTENSON. However, it is known under the name Norma Jeane Baker. Its name was chosen by his mother in reference to the actress Norma TALMADGE. Later, Marilyn Monroe delete the final "e" of "Jeane". On birth certificate appear the names of his mother, Gladys Monroe, and the husband of the latter at the time, Edward MORTENSON Martin (1897-1981), a Norwegian-born Californian. The couple was married Oct. 11, 1924 but was separated in May 1925 (one year before the birth of Marilyn) MORTENSON gets divorce August 15, 1928 for "abandonment of domicile." Although it is a legitimate child, Marilyn lifetime MORTENSON denied that either his father. As a child, his mother showed him a photograph of a man who was his father. She remembers that he has a mustache and a certain resemblance to Clark Gable; For a very long period, Gladys can not take care of her daughter who is entrusted, among other things, foster families. Marilyn prefers to pretend that time his mother died, rather than admit that she lives in a specialized institute.

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