23 November 2009

Marilyn Monroe Tattoos

Marilyn Monroe Tattoos: "Quality of Marilyn Monroe Tattoos
I love to find various tattoos, especially of people we know, and see how tattoo artists and designers depict and show them.
So when I went looking for Marilyn Monroe tattoos, I was really surprised to find so many that weren't done in the quality I expected, for one of the great celebrity icons of the 20th century."

Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Sex Goddess

Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Sex Goddess: "The Most Famous Woman in the World
Marilyn Monroe died a suicide at 36, after starring in only a handful of movies, but she dominated the golden age of Hollywood and personified Hollywood glamour and she became, without question, the most famous woman of the 20th Century. Although she was an alluring beauty with voluptuous curves and a generous pout, Marilyn was more than a '50s sex goddess. Her apparent vulnerability and innocence, in combination with an innate sensuality, has endeared her to a mass consciousness. She was also a clever actress and comedienne."
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